Letter To The People - Rökktober 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Darth Diggler and Obi Weiner at the Mercury Lounge in Madison

Darth Diggler and Obi Weiner at the Mercury Lounge in Madison

Patrick Peterson: Avengers Assemble/Pipe Circus singer/guitarist and Max Ink Distro guy is going through some tough times with his health. Our hearts and thoughts are with you, get well soon!

Stephanie Rearick: A co-owner of Mother Fools Coffee Shop, former ALRC Board and key organizer of Madison’s Timebank (a barter network of work hours instead of money) are some of the labels Stephanie Rearick owns. Another of them is a musician. And she’s headed out on tour as a solo artist (keyboards/vocals) and the kickoff is October 3rd at Mother Fools. Her tour culminates at in California at the Economics Of Peace Conference where she will be speaking. Find out more StephanieRearick.com.

Halloween: Halloween Night is just around the corner and Maximum Ink will be hosting our 7th Annual Halloween Spooktakular at the Annex in Madcity! It will again be Free Admission (we’ll be accepting donations for the Madison Affiliate of Komen for the Cure. Free Beer (Ale Asylum Hopalicious) and Munchies (Supreme Pizza, JJ’s Top o The Swamp, Talula’s) start at 8pm till they’re gone, and don’t forget that there’s an extra hour of bar time because of Daylight Savings.

Of course there will be the main Star Wars theme, as I, Darth Rökker (or Darth Diggler as Obi Weiner likes to call me) will host the show, and all costumes will be accepted in to our costume contests. And we’ll have some great prizes from Pinky Glass, Video Game X-Change, Sybaris Suites, Visions VIP Passes, Rock n Glam Salon, Earwax Records, Yahara Bay Distillery and more!

Bands will be Axiom, Sunspot, The Skintones and the Lords of Discipline, and of course, they’re be some kind of Jedi/Sith duel. The event is not affiliated with Lucas Films Limited, it’s just for fun.

Last Crack: Tickets for the Last Crack show on November 14th at Scatz in Middleton are now for sale online at LastCrack.com/tickets and at outlets around Madison. Credit Card orders must be done online, while Cash Only at the outlets: Scatz, Good n Loud West, Fat Pinky Glass on Willy Street, and Video Game X-Change on Atwood.

Adventures With Elizabeth and Nikolai: Elizabeth has arrived at middleschool and what a difference it makes. Once a week she is horseback riding, she is learning violin and has a homeroom. Over the summer she read the entire Twilight series, along with her mom, and they started moving to the ever widening array of Vampire sagas. I think she’s doing the Vampire Diaries or something now. The boys are hard at work defending Star Wars around the house. Happy Halloween.

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