Letter To The People - September 2017

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Black Star Drumline at Drum Corps International DrumLine battle in Indianapolis, IN

Black Star Drumline at Drum Corps International DrumLine battle in Indianapolis, IN

Max Ink Radio: Some of you may have heard by now that Max Ink Radio went dark on August 1st. In order to play music we have to pay licensing fees, which we have since our inception, to companies like ASCAP, BMI, Soundscan, and a few others. To report to and pay these entities individually would be a pain in the neck and expensive. To streamline the process we use a company that reports and pays all of the Performance Rights Orgs with a one stop shop. For many years it basically worked flawlessly, until flaws were made public by ASCAP that our licensor was no longer reporting or paying on our behalf, and that ASCAP had severed their relationship with our licensor which called into question whether the other PRO’s were receiving monies or reports. Not wanting to risk legal trouble and certainly unsure where the state of internet radio is going, we have decided to go dark for a while and see if the companies involved can resolve their problems and provide a simple, cost effective, reliable licensing service that makes it possible for us to turn the music back on.

In the meantime, you can hear Jimmy K on WORT 89.9FM on Friday nights on his new show WISCONSIN ROCKS.

WJJO: Radio personalities usually come and go like the wind. You’ll have your local stalwarts who will jump around between local stations, but at JJO we’ve seen exactly the opposite. Randy Hawke has been program director for 13 years and his assistant SKI almost as many. Johnny Danger and Greg Bair are in for 20 and Ozz, Biatch, and Kai have been around forever… even Tommy Rage is back. In a time that radio stations change their format like underwear, it is time for this writer to give credit where credit is due. Kudos JJO’ers!

Adventures with Nikko: Black Star Drum Line bussed down with the Madison Scouts to Indianapolis to compete in a DrumLine Battle at Drum Corps International’s World Championships. Alice went as a chaperone for the 3 day tour that included performances and a chance to watch the legendary Madison Scouts compete in the semi-finals. The kids, and parents all had a great time and the experience is one that they’ll not soon forget.

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