Real Moments - Bob Dylan 1966 - 1974

Author: Barry Feinstein
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Review by Jeff Muendel
Review posted: October 2008
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Real Moments - Bob DylanReal Moments - Bob Dylan

Barry Feinstein is an award winning photographer who has shot over 500 album covers for artists including Dylan, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin. He has also photographed many Hollywood and political figures. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Q,  Esquire, Life, Time and Newsweek magazines. His photos of Bob Dylan, though, may be his most famous.

Dylan is a musical icon; some would say he’s overrated, others claim him is a deity. Regardless, Dylan’s image was as integral to his success as his music, and it is likely that no photographer has had greater access to Bob Dylan than Barry Feinstein. Having taken the iconic photograph that appeared on Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ album in 1963, Feinstein was invited to be the exclusive photographer on Dylan’s European tour of 1966 and a tour of the United States in 1974. The black-and-white photographs from these sessions and concerts, many previously unseen, are included in this oversized book. This is truly a tome, and though it is priced around $35, if you’re into Dylan, you’re going to want this. Many of the images show Dylan in private moments seemingly unaware that the camera is there at all.

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