Rock And Roll Tourist

Author: Graham Forbes
Publisher: Independent Publishers Group
Review by Jeff Muendel
Review posted: October 2009
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Rock & Roll TouristRock & Roll Tourist

This book is essentially an insider’s view into the underworld of touring musicians, but with a unique twist. The author hits the road not with a party in mind, but to try and beat an addiction to “hillbilly heroin.” Graham Forbes has an accident that leads to surgery and the use of prescribed pain pills. But once the prescription ends, he finds himself hooked. In an effort to leave the pills behind, the musician decides to travel the world experiencing the lifestyle of a touring performer, reporting on fellow performers, fans, and his method of getting away from his drug habit. He crosses several continents and ends up backstage to hang out with the likes of Anthrax, B. B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more. There aren’t a lot of big name acts in this book (nothing against the great B.B. King or the venerable Anthrax) but the travel tales and mishaps are brought to life nicely in this memoir with Forbes’ English wit adding extra humor at all times.

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