Album Title: 10 Songs
Record Label: BMG
Review by John Noyd
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Travis - 10 SongsTravis - 10 Songs

Travis’ latest shows a band after thirty years together, casually savvy, impeccably connected and solidly melodic. Classic passive pop lavished in ravishing passions, “10 Songs,” soars with unforced rhymes primed in sizzling sophistication. The ninth studio album from Glasgow’s indie icons is the first album powered exclusively by frontman Fran Healy’s songwriting since 2003’s, “Twelve Memories,” and four years since their last release, “Everything At Once.” Admitting he cruised through the last few albums, Healy felt rejuvenated with the prospect of working on, “10 Songs,” and says he probably produced ten albums worth of material in the past four years to get these ten, “really good things.” Evidence backs his assertion as each subtly muscular track unfolds with lyrical grace, harmonious sincerity and romantic candor.

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