Album Title: Aboogi
Record Label: City Slang
Review by John Noyd
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Imarhan - AboogiImarhan - Aboogi

Dancing with fire, unfolding like a blossom, “Aboogi,” writhes in tireless vitality, flowing from intimate to inflammatory, layers wavering in mounting prayer, vocals coasting against sustained constraint and ecstatic passions as incandescent manifestations find labyrinth pathways, cleansing, fusing, seeking solutions. Generative demonstrations tamed in free-wheeling yielding and buoyant resourceful persistence, the South Algerian quintet showcase their new hometown studio’s high-tech production, cultivating roots while nurturing cross-pollinating occasions, drawing international cameos into Tuareg traditions to enrich an already wealthy melting-pot stocked in rejoicing and reckoning, bitter protests and savory praise. Welcoming sounds hosting tangy flavors wrapped in gangling shapes, Imarhan’s guitar-driven vibes grow from simple and soulful to scintillating and celebratory, inextinguishable winds blowing through cozy after-glow, sowing primal trance from cosmic improvisations inside ancient frameworks    

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