Album Title: Actually, You Can
Record Label: Joyful Noise
Review by John Noyd
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Deerhoof - Actually, You CanDeerhoof - Actually, You Can

Whimsy riddled in mind-boggling prog, the acrobatic, “Actually, You Can,” crushes shell-shocked art-rock into calculated cataclysms, jaw-dropping flip-flops slinging lock-jawed stalker-rock into head-banged gangbusters hanging by a thread and tightening stranglehold grips onto greasy licks. Careening delirium cornering mod nods and tinkered winks, the deft and clever Deerhoof adds an absurdist’s mirth to the tangled angles and cock-eyed chords, distinguishing their mathematical flash and berserk quirks with insolent wit and trippy quips. Unbalanced and unchallenged, the bratty proletarian attacks craft wry laughs as who us buzz melts into chill detours before throttling back onto supersonic freeways. Jump-rope poems skipping in crazed hyper-beats, jazz-flamenco suites and punk-pop creeps as gnarly sparks from smoking-gun runs vie with sweet dreams and meta-confections for dynamic enchantments and surreal squeals.

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