Sebastian Bach

Album Title: Angel Down
Record Label: EMI/Caroline
Review by Kimberly E. McDaniel
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Sebastian Bach - Angel DownSebastian Bach - Angel Down

Sebastian Bach took a bit of a hiatus from rock music to concentrate on other projects after departing from Skid Row, most notably his critically-acclaimed turn on the WB’s “The Gilmore Girls.” It appears he’s back and ready to show the young whippersnappers a thing or two, and he has help from another 80’s icon on “Angel Down,” his first solo album in eight years. Probably the most talked about aspect of the album will be Axl Rose’s guest-starring turn on three tracks, a rocking cover of Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle,” “(Love is a) Bitchslap” and “Stuck Inside.” While this does remind me a little of Skid Row, it’s the heavier Skid Row a la “Slave to the Grind.” Bach clearly hasn’t lost his edge, or his trademark vocal stylings. Where this will fit in today’s alternative world remains to be seen, however, it is a great metal record. Fans of Skid Row and ‘80s metal will love this, and it’s probably the closest thing to a release from Axl Rose that we’re likely to see, well, ever.

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