Album Title: Animal
Record Label: Partisan
Review by John Noyd
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LUMP - AnimalLUMP - Animal

A follow-up to their spooky 2018 debut, Laura Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay’s collaborative side project LUMP retains the original’s sophisticated electro-pop zeitgeist, advancing a Twilight Zone persona with spellbound stealth, wishful mystery and jigsaw logic. The duo’s studio glitter whisks the listener into praying-mantis fantasies while improbable topics offer existential menace with twisted quips, decisive riffs and knowing winks swooning then blooming into sweet, upbeat ear-candy. Stripping tender social conventions down to streamlined feline dreams, “Animal,” nonetheless maintains a sane, contained restraint; Laura’s lovely mahogany voice injects stoic focus to Mike’s ghostly gizmo-pop pulling the ear into marvelously odd spots. A surreal collage matching magical thinking to computer grooves where cinematic abstractions package human confusion into alluring curiosity and woozy perusing into connected reflections.

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