Jennifer O'Connor

Album Title: Born At The Disco
Record Label: Kiam Records
Review by John Noyd
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Jennifer O'Connor - Born At The DiscoJennifer O'Connor - Born At The Disco

Restless spirit and pro-active catalyst, Jennifer O’Connor turns a truly solo project into a musical opportunity examining contemporary identity, generational expectations and perceptive assessments through forays into electronic pop, gothic indie-rock and soul-baring folk. Writing, singing, playing and producing, this artist/entrepreneur is comfortable enough in her own skin to experiment with new intriguing sounds, allowing the truths in, “Disco,” to be stripped down or decorated as the subject dictates, constructing a fascinating multi-faceted personality wrapped in discarded pasts and valuable habits. Intellectual allusions and eclectic influences fuel O’Connor’s haunted sonics, framing sage refrains, discerning verse and real reveals while remaining thoroughly human with vetted questions and unflinching opinions shaping educated confessions; poignant pondering sauntering through wreckage and reckoning, beautiful modern blues harvesting subtly colored melodies.

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