black midi

Album Title: Cavalcade
Record Label: Rough Trade Records
Review by John Noyd
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black midi - Cavalcadeblack midi - Cavalcade

Packed in oblique retreats, angular assaults and meteoric metamorphosis, black midi’s flamboyant frenzy explodes in furious blurs brewed in condensed chemistry, tactical magic and blossoming velocity. The band’s jet-propelled melting-pots gel from brisk sprints to halting jogs, dodgeball prog buzzing in microtonal metronomes, a lean machine exacting compact actions through cool attention-grabbing pageantry. Manicured in manic swirls, immaculate hairpin spins and lunging tungsten punctuality, “Cavalcade,” paves panicked dynamics beneath meticulous friction, disenfranchised geysers rising with fervent reverence into orchestrated adventures.  Shiny stomp-box romps fuse dueling staccato intrusions through kinetic mathematics and posh geometry while jazz-scorched flourishes roar past starched anarchy, braying brass blasts rhythmic logistics and sophisticated mayhem blooms in fractal collapse. A powerful live band, Britain’s black midi plays Milwaukee’s Turner Hall October 12th.

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