Album Title: Consumption Overkill
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Review by Xiola Schneiderman
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GreenblacK - Consumption OverkillGreenblacK - Consumption Overkill

Fresh out of quarantine: Yohai Portal’s new band GreenblacK has been in the process of making new music. The upcoming band is making its way into the music scene officially on Wednesday, July 28th, with their debut single, “Consumption Overkill.” The single is different from what Yohai has produced in the past and this new beat is the perfect song for an electrifying summer jam. Yohai shares that his inspiration behind this song, and other new music yet to release, is from artists that have inspired his sound throughout the years. Yohai has teamed up with Daniel Jakubovic on this single, and is overjoyed with the experience since he has looked up to Daniel in the music world. Yohai has never been shy to share his creative projects with the world before since he grew up in an Israeli household that encouraged dancing, painting, and music. Wanting to take a step back from being the guitarist, Yohai has taken the title of lead vocalist in GreenblacK to switch things up. He is excited for people everywhere to hear his first single as a member of GreenblacK and also as a lead vocalist. This single will heat up the charts this summer on Wednesday, July 28th, and you don’t want to miss the return of Yohai Portal.

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