The Mountain Goats

Album Title: Dark In Here
Record Label: Merge
Review by John Noyd
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The Mountain Goats - Dark In HereThe Mountain Goats - Dark In Here

Recorded in Muscle Shoals’ FAME Studios with veteran sidemen Spooner Oldham and Will McFarlane, The Mountain Goats’ twentieth album show no signs of a band slowing down, smoothly unraveling knotted thoughts and furtive worries with naturally pragmatic aptitude balancing crackling accents with transcendent chemistry. Telegraphed passions cast in Morse Code poetry track tactfully jazzy passages as the marvelously prolific John Darnielle’s glory-bound stories draw plausible cosmologies from playful piano and baleful sax flitting beneath bendable bass, inquisitive drums and brisk guitar. Peppered in effortless metaphors riddled in Ritalin rhetoric, “Dark,” glows in intuitive musicianship, handling and channeling gallant indie-rock cantering with folksy commotion and satiny panache, rappelling down deep thoughts, congruous allusions and cross-stitched myths knitting articulate mysteries into search-party bullet points for court-reporter revelations.

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