Album Title: Doomin’ Sun
Record Label: Polyvinyl
Review by John Noyd
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Bachelor - Doomin’ SunBachelor - Doomin’ Sun

Deliberate big-picture pop tossed alongside impulsive indie-rock muscle craving flavorful chaos; Bachelor’s glamourous lo-fi clamor blissfully shifts from flash to funk to folk. Dreamy bedroom melodies dishing suspicious wishes, frank statements and taunting confidences inside haunted love-songs, stormy stories and smiling lullabies, Jay Som and Palehound’s songwriter’s skills, eclectic perspectives and potent emotions bolster each other’s best selves, balancing fragile sadness with unbendable strength, instrumental whimsy and lyrical wisdom woven around ominous caution and adamant transparency. Matched in collaborative passions, the fun, cheeky, “Sun,” glows in beautifully mutual alliances where clever effervescence meets intimate sympathies and authentic intent greets open secrets. Merged personalities committed to servicing their art, Bachelor is a marriage made in heaven, fueled by friendship and united in honest attempts to self-express.

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