Album Title: Hey What
Record Label: Sub Pop
Review by John Noyd
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Low - Hey WhatLow - Hey What

The gritty electric hum running under, “Hey What,” wraps passive rapture in crumbling frequencies and plundering thunder, a collapsing purgatory releasing distorted angel choruses around scraping angles breaking; cathartic ardor pierces over-driven industry against alien canvases, painting humanity’s cultivated aches in nuts-and-bolts slowcore with wearily ethereal oscillations scouring powerful sonic landscapes. The album’s harsh carnage drops feedback as corrosive metronomes far removed from heartbeats, an expansive romance between ravaged havoc stalking evangelical elegance and Low’s trademark sensitivity to find beauty within hopeless moments. “Hey,” pushes against viscous evidence to fuse faith with ominous quantum topspin and splendid technological transcendence as our compassionate seekers’ metallic static reaches deep between rhythmless visions and pummeling crunches, vacillating in apocalyptic mists and naked razors, sizzling rinses and rain-making saviors.

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