Dar Williams

Album Title: I’ll Meet You Here
Record Label: Renew Records/BMG
Review by John Noyd
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Dar Williams - I’ll Meet You HereDar Williams - I’ll Meet You Here

Place figures large in Dar William’s evocative songwriting. Human connections shaped by small-town legacies, ideas manifested by material experience, “I’ll Meet You Here,” organizes comprehensive memories whose swift descriptions carry metaphorical force, allegorical stories packed with casual narratives and modern parables fixed in picturesque specifics; pithy rhythmic lyrics painted in divine rhymes smiling on parading crusades and principled sympathies. Simple wisdom flowing from lived history, internal journalism and comforting philosophy, Dar’s tenth album hosts musical communities, cordial discourse between talented allies embellishing her level-headed truths through friendly acoustics. Teachable moments sweetened with kind reminders and effortless gentleness, “Here,” sees clearly, talks softly and warms the heart while opening eyes and tickling ears. Dar plays Mineral Point Opera House October 29th with exquisite folk-singer Heather Maloney.

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