Album Title: In It For The Money (Deluxe Edition)
Record Label: BMG
Review by John Noyd
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Supergrass - In It For The Money (Deluxe Edition)Supergrass - In It For The Money (Deluxe Edition)

Earnest earthy exuberance drenched Supergrass’ rockin’ pop. Cheeky, mischievous, hearts on their sleeves, the British trio made a phenomenal debut that put them on the charts next to Blur and Oasis. More authentic than Blur’s music-hall posturing and cleverer than Oasis’ strong-arm rock, the band’s sophomore offering “We’re In It for the Money,” cemented their status while expanding their brand. Given the keys to the candy shop circa 1997, the Deluxe Edition’s remastered tracks show off the imaginative brats bright, biting and brassy choices. Razor-sharp after eighteen months of heavy touring behind their debut (including Madison’s Club DeWash) but slowed down by drummer Danny Coffey’s parallel project Lodger, the threesome added singer-guitarist Gaz Coomes’ brother Rob on keyboards and set up camp in England’s Sawmill Studios exploring new sounds and arrangements. Most of the songs for the album were written in the studio, making this Deluxe Edition’s demos particularly interesting to the fans. The band’s bigger sound was perfect for the bigger venues that followed in the album’s success. A slew of great live recordings cap off this three-disc Deluxe Edition, capturing a talented band’s game-changing maturity that uncannily retains the initial hooligan grooviness that endeared them to the public.

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