Neal Francis

Album Title: In Plain Sight
Record Label: ATO Records
Review by John Noyd
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Neal Francis - In Plain SightNeal Francis - In Plain Sight

Brewed in sugary Southern boogie, funky blue-eyed soul and sly seventies jive, “Sight,” cooks tasty honky-tonk gumbos glazed in assorted keyboards and peppered in barbed slide guitar and slippery rhythms. Dodging life’s knotty problems with tuneful grooves and nomadic attitudes, Francis’ incandescent piano propels bold romantic gestures into sweet-talking propositions, sending fate-tempting epics jumping and tumbling in velvety bell-bottom textures. A forward-thinking throwback, Francis’ roadhouse showtunes are dreamy and steamy, celestial and terrestrial, cavalier but caring, elegantly dressed in glitzy synths, restless celeste and moseying Fender Rhodes. A dazzling live act, adding, “Sight,” to Neal’s awesome concert catalogue can only heighten an already upbeat jamboree. Find out for yourself when Neal Francis plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon January 13th with Chicago’s alt-Latinx powerhouse Dos Santos.

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