Japanese Breakfast

Album Title: Jubilee
Record Label: Dead Oceans
Review by John Noyd
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Japanese Breakfast - JubileeJapanese Breakfast - Jubilee

Exuberant in luminous double-ply fireworks cushioned in lollipop optimism, Japanese Breakfast emerges from sorting through her mother’s passing to embrace life’s restless blessings with alt-pop frolics whose candy-coated charms hide soft aching centers beneath sweet sheltering shells shellacked in flashy brass and slinky strings and colored in devilish street-parade revelry. Irresistible dance blitzes flit with tree-swaying daydreams in the always sunny, “Jubilee,” where rejuvenated refuge becomes pro-active distractions playing in palatial spaces, languid tangled sprints through tinted synths dodge soft-rock beatboxes with tasty refrains restrained in athletic innocence; coy decoys lavished in bashful infatuations to set the mind at ease while entertaining a carefree mania for melodic tonics and emotional potions. Japanese Breakfast along with musical moonbeam Luna Li play Madison’s Majestic Theater September 18th.

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