Album Title: Labyrinthitis
Record Label: Merge Records
Review by John Noyd
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Destroyer - LabyrinthitisDestroyer - Labyrinthitis

Foppish yacht-rock kisses swish in a wicked laissez faire marriage between debonair doomsday soothsayers and groovy arthouse cabaret; “Labyrinthitis,” strides through stylish kaleidoscopes, a stymied primal dance dressed in frisky disco moments and dizzy synthesizer symphonics drawing royal cinematic sympathies. Admonished thoughts caught among casual affirmations and picturesque fiction slink in meandering anthems for castaway candidates, unrestrained language-plays staging mental mazes colored in palpitating pulses, rubbery hustle and aerodynamic glamour. A cabal of the banal twisted into mischievous quips, jaded persuasions and aloof truths, New Pornographer’s Dan Bejar and long-time collaborator John Collins deploy Destroyer’s glossy innuendos in shimmering crescendos rendering moody affluence, party pariahs talking behind your back as digital orchestras swell in chandelier soliloquies glow in smoldering myths, snickering enigmas and divested effigies. 

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