Album Title: Laurel Hell
Record Label: Dead Oceans
Review by John Noyd
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Mitski - Laurel HellMitski - Laurel Hell

Cloistered confessionals injecting micromanaged humanity into sparse artifice, “Laurel Hell,” is a sensual reckoning bursting in pent-up tension emphasizing monumental empathy itching to exist. From bright to brooding, solitary to magnanimous, Mitski sings into the night with candlelit synths, somber chamber-pop whose militant diligence and shadow-dispensing despair ignite symphonic flares reveling in elevated faith and incandescent strength. Wisely bridling majestic trepidation to end her time in, “Hell,” with spritely rhythmic sprints, Mitski finishes with beat-driven epiphanies glowing in rekindled desire for gloriously sonorous transformation, soulful control snowballing into tuneful communion between dark thoughts and tentative memories. Suspenseful interventions creating sage paintings, Mitski’s songs treasure deeply personal expression. Count yourself lucky to have tickets to her sold-out show March 15th at Milwaukee’s Miller High Life Theater. 

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