Album Title: Light Moves Around You
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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mmeadows - Light Moves Around Yoummeadows - Light Moves Around You

Pretty, slippery, star-dusted trip-hop encased into snowflake ballets, “Light,” sparkles and glows, flowing with amazing radiance, pleasingly regal poise and sweet angelic grace. Delicate melodies enunciated in charitable clarity, mmeadows’ origami arias flit and flutter, perched in lofty after-clubbing lullabies whose fluid coos and crystal synths rest on romantic enchantments hiding behind refined Valentine landmines. Ear-candy architects Dirty ProjectorsKristin Slipp and collaborator Cole Kamen-Green bring polished softness to cautious showstoppers and supple wonder to life’s emotional puzzles. Draped in coy choral voices navigating glossy pop melancholy and beat-sweetened fantasies, the duo’s caressing perspectives and seducing illusions appear unbelievably achievable, dramatic masquerades unveiling unproven truths fitted in recording-studio couture, a balladeer’s paradise viewed through shatterproof glass with our own reflection superimposed onto the crafted pageantry.

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