Julien Baker

Album Title: Little Oblivions
Record Label: Matador
Review by John Noyd
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Julien Baker - Little OblivionsJulien Baker - Little Oblivions

Focused on closure, flowing in exposure, Baker’s resounding lockdown response, “Little Oblivions,” sponsor bittersweet quandaries, brutal psychic wounds seeking palatable salvation. Shedding shame, pursuing renewal and targeting departures, Baker’s latest reflect her recent time off the road where she finished her degree and allowed herself some well-deserved self-care to absorb the past five years. A lot happened to Julien since her stark cathartic debut and the new album’s band-boosted ruminations shelter inside fog-bound synths, intricately varnished guitars and thick consistent rhythms; confiding shrines lit in critical thinking and set ablaze with heightened enlightenment. Scholarly apologies venting therapeutic sentences channeling even-handed self-examination; “Oblivions,” rises from personal turmoil to ponder, launder and conquer, bravely wading through lonely emotions accompanied by heady echo, freight-train refrains and supportive choruses.

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