Album Title: Lucifer on the Sofa
Record Label: Matador Records
Review by John Noyd
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Spoon - Lucifer on the SofaSpoon - Lucifer on the Sofa

Visceral bristling with slinky bootleg boogie slowly pouring over husky seductions singed in vintage derision while nestling tender affection, Spoon embodies irresistible rock ‘n roll grit with scrappy toe-tappers alluding to demonic grooves with crackling back-to-basics cool. Sweltering heartfelt rebels celebrating back-alley nostalgia with odes to radios and records, Austin’s primed front-line survivors dispense tempting friendships punctuated in sax blasts, scratched thrash and stripped riffs as load-bearing bass, rigid rhythms and doo-wop harmonies lay formidable foundations for antsy vamps and scampering slow-jams. Veering away from quick fixes and studio-assembled perfection, “Lucifer,” proves loose band bantering produces creative havens as well-rehearsed excursions unearth cozy lived-in verses, sensuous impetuous solos and boisterous choruses.  A stunning band live, Spoon play’s Milwaukee’s The Rave April 23rd with Margaret Glaspy

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