My Morning Jacket

Album Title: My Morning Jacket
Record Label: ATO Records
Review by John Noyd
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My Morning Jacket - My Morning JacketMy Morning Jacket - My Morning Jacket

Six years since their last album, My Morning Jacket returns intact, generating bodacious flavors for magnanimous rock-gospel banquets. Slow-cooked, Southern-fried revivals providing holy locomotive mojo, this self-titled re-introduction delivers the band’s classic mash of big riffs with sensitive messages, serving the faithful with brimstone blazes while drizzling discernible mercies with unearthly reverb. Thundering hooks, direct lyrics and rock-solid beats, “My Morning Jacket,” is classic MMJ, a bold bohemian thesis suited for outdoor arenas and bedroom headphones. Bon vivant stomps concocting intoxicating pomp beneath songwriter Jim James’ inimitable simplicity, each tune’s piercing queries fearlessly steers between sympathy and sincerity as returning members Patrick Hallahan, Carl Broemel, Bo Koster and Tom Blankenship bake, inflate and interrogate, simmering and sizzling with devious fever, brooding grooves and delicate measure.

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