Steve Gunn

Album Title: Other You
Record Label: Matador
Review by John Noyd
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Steve Gunn - Other YouSteve Gunn - Other You

It’s hard not to notice the bright, sunshine vibe to Steve Gunn’s sixth album knowing, “Other You,” came from two recording sessions in Los Angeles. Gunn’s strong, sensible tendencies filter into rambling dynamics where polished confidence conveys ageless arrangements and glimmering riffs casually skip over an airtight rhythm-section, connecting leisure greased-lightning sleight-of-hand hovering over sweet euphoric chords to songs subtly avoiding complacency without sacrificing comfort. Contributions from Juliana Barwick, Mary Lattimore and Bill MacKay add rich, vibrant dimensions to the sultry, “Other You,” highlighting a beguiling side to a familiar talent. Prosperous and economic, the album seeps into the brain through measured refrains containing easy-going emotions; exciting the senses in playful, layered waves and grounding the electric textures with rock-steady resilience and calm, disarming brilliance.

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