Sam Phillips

Album Title: Push Any Button
Record Label: Littlebox Recordings
Review by John Noyd
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Sam Phillips - Push Any ButtonSam Phillips - Push Any Button

Possessing a gift for effortless melodies with lyrics full of sly, intuitive allusions, Phillips is the perfect example of the ironic pop traditionalist. Whether bolting from a successful, albeit constricting, contemporary Christian music career or pioneering one of the first music subscription services, Phillips has always boldly marched to her own drummer. Shedding her earlier work’s petulance for sonic novelties, “Push” dazzles, creating sophisticated tastes from basic ingredients as each tune’s poetic fragments melt among rollicking hooks and infectious beats. Bright cowboy jangle rubs against psychedelic cabaret as the album dabbles in seductive chamber-folk puzzles unraveling in lilting pop-rock wisdom; practical magic flashing in sizzling mysticism. Speaking her mind, Phillips’ unabashed passions coo and swoon beautifully blending perplexing questions into direct connections full of wonder.

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