Dry Cleaning

Album Title: Stumpwork
Record Label: 4AD
Review by John Noyd
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Dry Cleaning - StumpworkDry Cleaning - Stumpwork

While Dry Cleaning’s overall style hasn’t deviated from last year’s stunning, “New Long Leg,” the subtle evolution in textures and rhythms inside the intriguingly beleaguered, “Stumpwork,” deems repeated eavesdropping as the ear is tugged from casual trickling intricacy to sudden trudging floods. Lurking and skirting in playful disdain, Florence Shaw’s slow, droll vocals walk atop brittle skittish grooves with an uncaring flair for dispatched facts cooing over brackish alt-jazz backing lacquered in acrid factories. Riveting atmospheric criminal noir swerves and lurches in hypnotic oscillations as Lewis Maynard’s bass and Tom Dowse’s guitar pilfer off-kilter thrills in wobbly lobs and Pavlovian salvos, groping unfolding foreboding while slashing cinematic aftershocks with sweaty machetes and rumbling bludgeoning, a coiled electric cobra woven deep inside Nick Buxton’s stimulating rhythms.

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