Six Organs of Admittance

Album Title: The Veiled Sea
Record Label: Three Lobed Recordings
Review by John Noyd
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The Six Organs of Admittance - The Veiled SeaThe Six Organs of Admittance - The Veiled Sea

Musical goo brewed by electronic swamps give rise to fierce maniacal solos, barbed red-eyed eels preying and surveying as the thick, “Sea,” sails through thorny storms growling and snarling in chomped stomps riding intergalactic taxis crosstown into starship ambience glancing off corrosive solar flares. Grasping leads seizing headless rapture from incredulous shreds and cosmic exhaustion, the enigmatic Six Organs of Admittance turn yet another corner in this extremely electrified version led by a very plugged-in Ben Chasny, whose Hexadic madness and meta-folk masterstrokes give way to scorching space-cowboy joyrides gliding from blistering to blissful down multi-dimensional highways stocked in looped grooves and hijacked acrobatics; centerless messengers ripped in snorting boogie falling deep asleep beneath a throbbing wobbly world then jolted awake by gritty spitfire blues. 

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