Snail Mail

Album Title: Valentine
Record Label: Matador
Review by John Noyd
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Snail Mail - ValentineSnail Mail - Valentine

Smart, sensitive, inventive and unpretentious, Snail Mail delivers sizeable ideas filled with soaring detours and heady destinations, easily believable and highly enticing ingenuity fused to friendly independence and familiar uphill battles. The sublime, “Valentine,” dances warily around gritty issues with uber-juicy hooks baited in purposeful versatility swinging between voluptuous alt-rock and coltish folk-pop. Grounded in visceral incidents and healing experience, Snail Mail’s skinned knees teases and diplomatic panache capture exasperated flashes pulling at spidery sighs, concocting hypnotic possibilities around troubling obstacles. Pride collides with whispered asides in a sophomore effort whose three-year hibernation bears sweet fruit, authentic caution and willful resilience packaged in novel positivity and savvy compassion. A dynamic performer, Snail Mail plays Madison’s Majestic Theater along with Spencer and Hotline TNT December 8th.

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