Album Title: VISUALS
Record Label: Lowly
Review by John Noyd
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Stuttered contrapuntal funk lunges between classical pasts and dancefloor futures as Kunzite’s dreamy zip-lock beats frolic in psychotronic wonderlands, fantastic slack-key sweeps lifting antsy programmed pantheons into feverish auto-tuned orgies toying with blessed decadence grounded in technical education and music theory. Compulsive polyrhythmic visions blaze throughout the clever leveraged, “Visuals,” with phat bass, mechanical ska, Bach architecture and bright synthesized orchestras colliding in cyber-tropical collages, cut-and-paste party-jams planting cannabis mantras into footloose robo-powered marching-band anthems saluting, exuding and noodling. Chopped, cropped, workshopped and flip-flopped, the studio duo’s barracuda grooves move through logical options and seductive toppings, concocting sweet cerebral treats that go straight to the hips through sticky digital trickery tickling meticulous rhythms with hard-swinging invitations promising sunshine dubstep raves covered in hungry vampire cool.