Bad Bad Hats

Album Title: Walkman
Record Label: Don Giovanni
Review by John Noyd
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Bad Bad Hats - WalkmanBad Bad Hats - Walkman

Walking the walk and talking the talk, the flawless, “Walkman,” strolls through solid bop crafted in cruise-controlled rock ‘n roll piloting fun-loving strums, coy voices and swift rhythmic snickering. Equally smart, sharp and laidback, Bad Bad Hats’ snappy happiness bubbles beneath the habit-forming album as the trio’s sheer joy assembling sweet tidbit riffs with indie-pop logic launch their songs into blissful trips shedding pampered banter for reimagined nostalgia packaged in devious glee-club chronicles. Parlaying casually savvy panache for mild guile, real zeal and smarmy karma, the band’s uncanny musical communication smooths tuneful grooves into loose jubilant amusements, calmly charming with one-hundred proof cool lit in sparkling jangle, flaunted harmonics and seamless teamwork.  A friendly energetic live act, BBD plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon December 2nd.

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