R. Ring

Album Title: War Poems, We Rested
Record Label: Don Giovanni Records
Review by John Noyd
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R. Ring - War Poems, We RestedR. Ring - War Poems, We Rested

The intense sonic chemistry wrenched from, “Rested” vents savage aspirations by grafting gnashing catwalk-rock shrapnel to skulking sultry noise-pop shuffles. Brittle, splintered instigations riding seismic Bo Diddley twists mixing dark purrs curdled in surging murmurs, R. Ring’s marvelous second effort bursts in unexpected connections and frayed combinations. A palpitating collaboration between The Breeder’s Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery, the duo brought in Bat Fang’s Laura King for a leisurely cohesive feel where muscular tugs stutter in lusty gusts and calmly detached crackles oversee the album’s relaxed feedback. A moody miasma throbbing in choppy guitars, harnessed drums and bloodletting bass, the fickle mingles with random cacophony as technical experts disassemble indie edicts, reinventing turbo-torqued engines for glorious joyrides, moonless rendezvous lit in bewitching midnight cool.

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