Album Title: Windflowers
Record Label: City Slang
Review by John Noyd
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Efterklang - WindflowersEfterklang - Windflowers

Luminous movements grace the seemingly complacent, supremely serene, “Windflowers,” a docile accomplice to heavenly events where expansive views bloom in cosmic awe. Working in an isolated country studio, Efterklang let nature infiltrate the album’s buzzing mind-hives with blissful synthesis and spiritual lyricism connecting a hopeful future to a reflective present. Electronics crackle in organic randomness like radio-static crickets woken from digital dreams, meandering tranquility unites humanity with modern possibilities, pairing porous voices with effervescent technology for tasteful, grateful elation. A placid baptism into the disco dunk-tank turned funk-lite hot-tub, each glorious song’s shimmering rhythms carry shiny diamonds through seamless streams in constant motion, flowing ego-less rivers suspending time and bending the senses; slow-motion vertigo from phantom mantras sweetly leading lost thoughts into safe, weightless spaces.

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