Album Title: You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
Record Label: AWAL
Review by John Noyd
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fanclubwallet - You Have Got To Be Kidding Mefanclubwallet - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Thirsty alt-pop curiosity propelling a bright, blithe spirit steering rockin’ hip-hop bottoms under boppy disco tops, “Kidding,” connects kinetic obsessions sprinkled in wit and delivered with a wink, a friendly nod acknowledging an extroverted urgency stepping out from shared honesty into carefree creativity. Refreshing tempo-buoyed textures deftly tethering dancefloor explorations alongside bedroom confessions, fanclubwallet’s lopsided novelty cultivates spacey appealing left-field charm whose classic beat-driven ear-candy empowers sound-salad splashes in New Wave pool-party cool, jacuzzi grooves moving from slinky kickers synched to freak-folk rollercoasters and cyber-tabulated ballads tapping sunny funk with trippy whimsy. Smirks and quirks in percolating verse, Ottawa-based Hannah Judge turns fanclubwallet’s fearless studio-noodled delirium into precocious proposals twisted in blinking synths, pratfall percussion and cyber-coated vocals; stereophonic homilies spawned in spunky contrapuntal clockwork.

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