Live at the Orpheum Theater, Madison, WI - September 10, 2008
by Jeff Muendel
Posted: Sep 2008
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Lemme of Motörhead - photo by Mark Marek

Lemme of Motörhead - photo by Mark Marek

Motörhead has been speeding through life since since 1975. That brings lead singer and bandleader Lemmy Kilmister in at over 60 years old. As part of the the 2008 Volcom Tour, which also includes Valient Thorr (great energy – hairy, sweaty, stinky, and fun) and Year Long Disaster (I liked them, too), the band played Madison Wisconsin on September 10th.  The Misfits bailed out of the tour (boo!), so the primary focus was on Motörhead.

The Orpheum Theater was very full, though not sold it. Still, the energy was high and the old place is always great for a rock‘n’roll show. Motörhead’s set was, first of all, very LOUD, and that is good. In fact, it is required for Motörhead. The group played songs from the entire Motörhead catalog, including “Overkill,” “Ace Of Spades,” “Killed By Death,” “Iron Fist” and many more. Bandmates Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell were in good form, with Campbell peeling off some nice extended guitar solos. They also played a couple of cuts off the new album, Motörizer, including one acoustic song that was nicely done.

When it was all over the audience – a nice cross section of metalers, punkers, and goth kids along with aging, bespeckled rockers like me – were sweaty, deaf and satisfied. Said Lemmy Kilmister at the end of the show, “This is the smallest venue we’ve played, but also one of the best crowds. We’ll come back anytime!” Okay, maybe he says something like that every night, but we’ll take it.