Live at the Majestic Theater in Madison - February 14, 2008
by Sarah Paske
Posted: Feb 2008
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Neurosonic performs acoustic set. -photo by Sarah Paske  - photo by Sarah Paske

Neurosonic performs acoustic set. -photo by Sarah Paske - photo by Sarah Paske

Canadian rockers Neurosonic once again awed concert-goers during the Madison, Wisconsin stop of their tour with rock band Puddle Of Mudd. Their two-day stint in Madison included an acoustic set at Best Buy and a show at the Majestic Theatre. Their role as a supporting act benefited them as they easiy won over the Madison crowd.

After arriving fashionably late to Best Buy, the band set up a circle of chairs and invited bystanders to ‘huddle in’ as they played a three-song set. Songs played included “I will Always Be Your Fool,” “Fearless,” and their first single, “So Many People.” Singer Jason Darr also opened the floor for any questions that fans may have had. One question regarded Neurosonic playing at WJJO’s Band Camp 2008, a concert put on by local metal radio station WJJO 94.1FM. 

“Hey Blake! Are we playing Band Camp?” Darr questioned.

“Boy, that’d be great!” WJJO DJ Blake said. Blake asked the band if they were free for the day and they all decided to try making it work.  After the short question-and-answer session, Neurosonic sat at a long table, allowing everyone to pass through and get their CDs autographed [and anything else they may have wanted signed].

Neurosonic performs acoustic set. -photo by Sarah PaskeThe following day called for Neurosonic’s long-awaited show at the Majestic with Puddle of Mudd. The band played a 40-minute set that was packed with energetic and meaningful songs.  The set began and ended with a bang, playing Are Solar and So Many People, respectively. From beginning to end, the band was jumping, running and skipping across the stage, never missing a beat. With the lights bouncing and the music blaring, the crowd reacted with as much vigor and excitement as was being thrown at them from on-stage. Many fans found it difficult to stay in one spot. After the nine song set, Neurosonic stayed at their merchandise tables and conversed intently with their fans all night long. It was quite comical overhearing Puddle of Mudd’s merchandise man expressing frustration that the band hadn’t sold much of anything that night due to Neurosonic’s huge following in Madison. All in all, it was a memorable two days, and many fans cannot contain their excitement awaiting the next visit from Neurosonic.