Seether at Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI
by Al Brzostowski
Posted: Nov 2018
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Shaun Morgan - photo by Tricia Starr, TStarr Photography

Shaun Morgan - photo by Tricia Starr, TStarr Photography


When the grunge trio featuring Paul Wandtke (Bedlem, ex Trivium), drummer Rob Lerner and bassist Sean McCole hit the stage, Paul held his guitar up high, squealing with feedback, like a prize catch. The energy from the crowd during this intro was palatable; you could feel the anticipation from them as the night started.

As they plowed through their set, a familiar power chord driven tribute came to the ears of the fans; In bloom by Nirvana. As Paul banged away on the guitar, Sean’s bass riffs were on spot. Everyone at the show chimed in, singing along to this 90’s melody.

Overall, this bands’ presence and consistency of keeping the crowd at attention, rocking to their originals. Most of the set allowed fans to hear the upcoming release live. Their album releases early next year.

Dead Original setlist:
Intro/ Fade to Light
In Bloom (Nirvana Cover)
My Friends
Don’t Stare
5 Days
Punch Me
Reminds Me
Bored Again

Seether kicked the show off with latest album opener Stoke The Fire. Stage dark, the band appears as the crowd comes to life…

Standing stage right,  vocalist Shaun Morgan remained there throughout the entire set, while bassist Dale Stewart played in the slot of the frontman. Stewart brought the energy as the band charged through the night. Appearing as the four piece again tonight, Corey Lowery of Dark New Day and Saint Asonia joined them again to add that bite and rawness to the guitar, Seether pulled absolutely no stops tonight; delivering their live tracks with electricity. Seether is a band that does not rely on theatrics; hell they refuse to even use tracks when performing live. Spread across the stage in a in a single line with Humphreys bringing up the rear.

As the set grew in intensity, the lighting, although typically subpar at this venue, offered an almost haunted house effect to the figures on stage as they dredged on. Fan favorites were played like thunder, with the band infusing the list with some tracks off of the new album. Touring their latest, and one of their heaviest, Poison the Parish, it was awesome to see the fact that the longevity of the band equates to a cross-generational fan base. There was a air of satisfaction that came across when the set was done, house lights came on, and people migrated towards the exits of the ballroom.

Shaun Morgan uses Schecter guitars, with there is a signature model. He was offered an endorsement with PRS, but turned it down.

Seether setlist:
Stoke the Fire
Let You Down
Words as Weapons
Nobody Praying for Me
Save Today
Country Song
Fine Again
No Jesus Christ
Rise Above This
Betray and Degrade
Fake It