Cate LeBon

Album title: Crab Day
Record Label: Drag City
by John Noyd
March 2016
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Cate LeBon - Crab Day

Cate LeBon - Crab Day

Rube Goldberg Krautrock washed in quirky punch-drunk waltzes and swimming in bristling Escher-like connections, “Crab,” scuttles unfiltered, off-kilter pop wringing giddy riddles from cryptic figments stuttering kinder-goth subplots. Tinkering in slinky kismet while staging sly cock-eyed comedies, LeBon’s Welsh elf gifts brisk asymmetrical riffs to stiff prickly rhythms while gleeful secrets pirouette around deliberately splintered binges scooped from untamed left-brains.

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