Miniature Tigers

Album title: Cruel Runnings
Record Label: YEBO Music
by John Noyd
May 2014
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Miniature Tigers - Cruel Runnings

Miniature Tigers - Cruel Runnings

The light fluffy buzz inherent in Miniature Tigers’ synthesized dollops of summer-time power-pop trigger snickering predictions from romantic grifters; slippery dilettantes cultivating sly, shy conceits through cheeky star-spangled jangle garnished in varnished harmonies, pining ironies and subversive mirth. Schooled in bright-colored cool, “Cruel,” balances bashful nostalgia beside smarmy charm; hunting love’s wily smiles while juggling smug bop and irrepressible zest. Be sure to check out the band when they play Madison’s The Frequency July 22nd.

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