Glitch Mob

Album title: Drink the Sea
Record Label: Glass Air
by John Noyd
June 2010
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Glitch Mob - Drink the Sea

Glitch Mob - Drink the Sea

Scorching, satin cybernetics unfold steam-cleaned dreams and menacing denizens, vaporized sighs and translucent movements swim in thick blips and coarse chords rocking around fashionably agitated, polychromatic boogie. “Sea” swirls around wordless subterfuge and programmed stamina, slithering between stun-gun lunges and chrome-plated thunder; sanctimonious moments colored in killer curves and choreographed flashes. The Glitch Mob perform their razor-sharp magic August 21st at Madison’s Majestic Theater and August 22nd at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall.

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