Guerilla Toss

Album title: Famously Alive
Record Label: Sub Pop
by John Noyd
February 2022
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Guerilla Toss - Famously Alive

Guerilla Toss - Famously Alive

Congealed surrealists Guerilla Toss demolish swaddled robotics inside blacklight psycho-sludge, concocting thick, gripping narco-pop lit in thunderous buzz and convulsive fuzz; delightful and spiteful, wholesome and loathsome.  Camouflaged in mammoth rampages, “Famously,” clobbers ravenous showstoppers in audacious mayhem, gleeful seizures and gallant insanity, an exorbitant neon fortress poured from cheering jackhammer lyrics into igneous glowstick glitz glitched, pitched and unhitched.

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