British Sea Power

Album title: Machineries of Joy
Record Label: Rough Trade
by John Noyd
March 2013
(1880) Page Views

British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy

British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy

Passionate assassins infiltrating cathartic scrap-yard carnivals and regal sea-side séances, BSP’s lush cinematic savages croon, fume and bloom in aristocratic madness culled from immaculate thrashing mounted onto empire-toppling pop-rock. Dismantled mansions crawling with restless, petulant phantoms, “Machineries,” dreams in edgy bonfire elegies nestling skin-tight midnights, mystical guitar-stricken mysteries birthed in tenacious British industry, poignant battle-scarred sympathy and glorious rip-tide ironies.

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