Tin Cup Serenade

Album title: Tragic Songs of Hope
Record Label: Tin Cup Serenade Productions
by John Noyd
March 2013
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Tin Cup Serenade - Tragic Songs of Hope

Tin Cup Serenade - Tragic Songs of Hope

Sizzling calypso, sad jazz and spiffy Dixieland spritzers make the subtly bubbly, “Hope,” float over champagne smirks, foxy nods and manicured purrs. Coy, buoyant jive slides behind laid-back cats packing hot tropical options, TCS’s witty sophistication lounge atop finessed burlesque; cheeky, scat-happy patter tumbles from languid mambos to casual rags inserting modern takes on swinging traditions for blissful retro-hipster commissions.

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