Slipped Discs September 2020

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Maarja Nuut and Ruum

Maarja Nuut and Ruum

Initial Thoughts

Opposing the flow, September albums obstruct and disrupt, from reptilian rocker MARILYN MANSON‘s twisted, “We Are Chaos” to techno-dervish merchants MAARJA NUUT and RUUM’s hypnotic commodities, “World Inverted.” Thwarted by inconsolable folk-poet TOBIN SPROUT’s twangy sanctuaries, “Empty Horses,” limited by stormy folk oracle KARITI’s intriguing, “Covered Mirrors,” and stumped by interpersonal observer MAXWELL STERN’s narrative parables, “Impossible Sum,” the month grates and chafes with stubborn compunction. Be the squeaky wheel.

Disc Reviews

Fenne Lily  - BREACH

Fenne Lily - BREACH

Fenne Lily

Album title: BREACH
Record Label: Dead Oceans

Gentle pensive memoirs gripped in insistent whispers battling frazzled attachments, “BREACH,” leaps and weeps with ballads and beats, even-keeled feelings rolling in slowly mounting counterpoint drawn from deep breathing and cutting subtext. Yoga composure swimming in thundering undertow, Fenne Lily’s figure-skating grace sparkles from bedroom reflections to coffee-shop bop, visiting nightclub rumbles stuffed with soft, dawning thoughts ready to pop.

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Throwing Muses - Sun Racket

Throwing Muses - Sun Racket

Throwing Muses

Album title: Sun Racket
Record Label: Fire Records

Stern nurturing raising searing spirits, the legendary Throwing Muses’ fearlessly eerie art-punk sleepwalks around barbed buoys past calculated catastrophes witnessed by tasered second-sight gazes moving through psychic mazes. Underwater waltzes cauterized in bulletproof sawtooth caterwauling, “Racket,” matches mystical grit to magnificent synergy conjured by long-time bandmates’ organic intuition creating rattlesnake cake-walks and insomniac stake-outs inside wind-tunnel funhouses and unglued romper-rooms.

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The Apartments - In and Out of the Light

The Apartments - In and Out of the Light

The Apartments

Album title: In and Out of the Light
Record Label: Talitres

Exquisite odes to heroic almosts, “Light,” casts beautiful sadness onto smoldering emotions reveling in exceptional depths and peaceful retreats; each song’s world-weary lyrics wrapped like gifts in bristling riffs and forlorn choruses. Touched and crushed, grasped and hushed, The Apartments’ restrained refrains canonize intelligent sentiment in wary despair framing spent feelings, recanted chances and ill-fated romances with bittersweet chamber-jangle poise.

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Wax Chattels - Clot

Wax Chattels - Clot

Wax Chattels

Album title: Clot
Record Label: Omnian

Tactile blasting-caps unmask ferocious commotion among rampant rants, angular angst and prog-punk conundrums, aligning Wax Chattels’ grinding minefield zeal to fine-tuned minutiae unleashed into industrial wormholes and snooze-alarm tsunamis. Risky vindictive outbursts seething in diabolic mosh-pit tolerance, “Clot,” rocks bruising, stupefying counterrevolutions; anxious impatience reined in and directed into white-knuckle combustion teetering between stark barking catharsis and funky expunged grunge.

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Sad13 - Haunted Painting

Sad13 - Haunted Painting


Album title: Haunted Painting
Record Label: Wax Nine

Alt-pop frolics populated in muscular spunk, “Haunted,” saunters and splashes in glib upbeat whimsy and pyrotechnic production; talented imagination coated in roller-coaster verses, reinforced choruses and blissfully rickety bridges. Melting bells and whistles over pajama-party disco and day-glo indie-rock, Sad13 distills effortless sincerity into coy toybox courtships, supernatural appetites brewing loose carousel hooks, precious athletic melodies and flirty flower-power fury.

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Tricky - Fall to Pieces

Tricky - Fall to Pieces


Album title: Fall to Pieces
Record Label: False Idols

Micro-dosed approaches circling atmospheric minimalism, eclectic messenger and polysonic manipulator Tricky paints sinister shadows with cosmopolitan electronics, enlisting sensual vocals, wobbly dial-tone rhythms and hallucinogenic studio chemistry for wicked trip-hop vigils digging slippery midnight figments. Lush, musical communion uniting chic world-beats to soothing grooves, “Pieces,” feasts on discrete temptations, illicit invitations and tasty vacations; captivating engagements roasted in decadent elegance.

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Final Thoughts

Brass rings tempt exemplary glory-seekers this Fall. Choose between epic mod-rockers TEMPESST‘s paisley rainbow-chasers, “Must Be A Dream,” or cyber-rhythm visionaries RITUALS OF MINE‘s purring circuit-board flourishes, “Hype Nostalgia.” Meanwhile glittery prizes continue with six-string song-slinger BILL CALLAHAN‘s sage kitchen-table fables, “Gold Record,” jazz-groove chanteuse ZIEMBA‘s enticing, “True Romantic,” and smooth synth-pop crooner BROTHERTIGER‘s translucent, “Paradise Lost.” Resting on their laurels, harsh partakers BODY DOUBLE‘s dark lysergic tourniquets, “Milk Fed,” psychotic marauders MELTED BODIES’ sneaky cheek, “Enjoy Yourself,” and shape-shifting sympathizer JENNY BANAI‘s solid pop ponderings, “couchwalker,” relax with panache.