Slipped Discs November 2021

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Katelyn Tarver

Katelyn Tarver

Initial Thoughts

November albums confront hunches and tussle with personal puzzles. Start by splitting hairs with crooning tunesmith JOHN DENICOLA’s creamy gloss-pop, “She Said,” or questioning methods besides heartbeat dreamers PENELOPE ISLES’ radiant arcades, “Which Way To Happy,” then pin down earworm journeymen LIONLIMB’s soft-bop ballads, “Spiral Groove,” corner smart articulate KATELYN TARVER’s life-coach footnotes, “Subject To Change,” and decipher swinging folk-rock songwriter JULIE DOIRON’s authentic, “I Thought Of You.” Go figure.

Disc Reviews

Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen and Dave Okumu - The Solution Is Restless

Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen and Dave Okumu - The Solution Is Restless

Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen and Dave Okumu

Album title: The Solution Is Restless
Record Label: PIAS

Slithering rhythmic ghost-deposed gospel, “Restless,” catches double-helix digi-jazz strategies; steamy Bathsheba divas dripping lordly contortions over elegant bendable funk singed in rising pliable piano, synths, guitars and strings stretched over satin-smooth grooves. Sonic conquerors Allen and Okumu lubricate Joan As Police Woman’s placid gravitas with subtle skulking, the trio’s low-flying desires gliding through dreamy ravines, sinful inroads and elastic cascades.

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Nation of Language - A Way Forward

Nation of Language - A Way Forward

Nation of Language

Album title: A Way Forward
Record Label: PIAS

Impassioned calculators dashing ultra-vibrant synthwave patterns against curdling worries and monolithic convictions, the probing retro-futuristic Nation of Language untangles soulful exposure trapped by adamant schematics mapping indefatigable attitude. Weary delirium from slavish raves, “Forward” swirls in cyber-limbo melodrama; anxious bass racing urgent drum-machine timekeeping, haunted speeches promise undying allegiance holding technological hostages in overdriven precision, emotional throes and despondent responses.

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Tasha - Tell Me What You Miss The Most

Tasha - Tell Me What You Miss The Most


Album title: Tell Me What You Miss The Most
Record Label: Father /Daughter Records

Coffeehouse clarity sharing conversational daydreams, “Most,” hosts elegant embellishments sheltering cozy jazz-folk intimacy, a swath of swelling strings and uplifted singing coloring ambient canopies with waltzing caresses in diaphanous touches brushed in fluttering wonder. Silky lyrical balms soothing open social wounds, Tasha massages unjust presumptions with gentle persuasions and kind mindfulness grooving to mellow elocution, unguarded charm and prudent nuance.

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James Ilgenfritz, Brian Chase, Robbie Lee - Loss and Gain

James Ilgenfritz, Brian Chase, Robbie Lee - Loss and Gain

James Ilgenfritz, Brian Chase, Robbie Lee

Album title: Loss and Gain
Record Label: Infrequent Seams

Hesitant measurements chart darting cartography with bewitching minimalism as bassist Ilgenfritz, drummer Chase and woodwind multi-instrumentalist Lee tease intangible submarine frequencies, abrupt percussive ruptures and prowling predatory explorations into disconnected suggestions waking unfettered expression. Convulsive hovering coupled in drained chaos, impending ambushes and hazardous fascination, “Loss,” operates under cryptic rules where the nervous converse and broken silences breath tonal cacophony.

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FUR - When You Walk Away

FUR - When You Walk Away


Album title: When You Walk Away
Record Label: 777 Music

Peppy messages testing waters, stirring pots and double-checking connections, “Walk,” rifles through post-skiffle idioms mixing music-hall rock and bristling Britpop, harmonic jangle crooning in self-assurance, earnest certainty and yearning purpose. Blending tender innocence with youthful hurdles, FUR imparts wise asides about romantic division, crossroads composure and rerouted doubts with upbeat ballads delivering succinct opinions inside catchy choruses and limitless riffs.

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Matt The Electrician - We Imagined An Ending

Matt The Electrician - We Imagined An Ending

Matt The Electrician

Album title: We Imagined An Ending
Record Label: Burnside

Bobbing optimism culled from merging personal journeys into accurate snapshots, Matt the Electrician gathers traveler’s cavalier valor packed in practical happiness and noble hopes toasted over sentimental friends celebrating human communion. Empathetic songs dressed in thoughtful folk-pop, “Ending,” parlays velvety melodies and spirited lyrics into colorful hullabaloos smoothed into universal viewpoints, defusing confusion through tuneful sunshine musings and good-natured playfulness.

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Final Thoughts

November gets together. Be it heavy mesmerizers KILLS BIRDS’ malevolent-bent torpedoes, “Married,” calm swami CEDRIC NOEL’s heart-tugging encouragements, “Hang Time,” or hungry indie pundit DAVID CHRISTIAN AND THE PINECONE ORCHESTRA’s delectable memoirs, “For Those We Met On The Way.” Whether meeting at free-range janglers CHIME SCHOOL’s embroidered consortium, “Chime School,” polyrhythmic pop-physicists THE DODOS’ jaunty pondering, “Grizzly Peak,” or woke podium-poet JJJJJEROME’s fresh vignettes, “The Clearing,” spending time at smoky vocalist HANA VU’s bedroom mausoleum, “Public Storage,” or penciling in maverick collaborators SPRINGTIME’s streetwise supergroup, “Springtime,” simply elect to connect.