Slipped Discs - July 2008

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Scars On Broadway featuring Serj of System Of A Down

Scars On Broadway featuring Serj of System Of A Down

Initial Thoughts

By the nature of seeking albums whose titles align to a theme, self-titled releases often get passed by. As half the year has passed by, let’s reflect on these creatures that blatantly assert themselves. Whether it’s CONOR OBEREST stepping outside BRIGHT EYES façade, SCARS ON BROADWAY reassembling pieces of SYSTEM OF A DOWN or WEEZER repeating their color-coded discography, summer’s self-titled discs stand alone - a double-backed beast of bold Cartesian symmetry. Here are six sizzling honeys for your examination:

Disc Reviews

Little Pieces - Little Pieces

Little Pieces - Little Pieces

Little Pieces

Album title: Little Pieces
Record Label: One Eleven Records

Clever, well-executed jangle, Little Pieces’ full-length debut springs to life with good-natured bounce, injecting wit into a driving mix of solid chops and gentle persuasions. LP’s refreshingly invigorating tunes patiently accelerate into riff-filled rampages, offering smart takes on familiar themes and updating the subtly twisted pop of Seattle with deceptively wholesome shenanigans.

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Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts

Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts

Black Ghosts

Album title: The Black Ghosts
Record Label: IAMSOUND Records

Slick, affluent pop dances over oozing grooves. Dreamy cyber-soul slithers as slamming synths and edgy beats collide in intriguing electro-chic fandangos.  Alert to danger and excited by possibilities, TBG’s wicked thinking and love-drowned new-wave struts its mechana-goth glamour in boldly curious moves, sleuthing in powder puff glitter and pounding blue funk.

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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Album title: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Record Label: Say Hey Records

Woozy waves of quiet acoustics and heady electric jams course through rambling revelation and casual confessions. Miles’ wildly inventive shaman shuffles and saintly paintings brew shadowy feelings, wide-eyed daydreams and heart-controlled gusto. Rising half-remembered, MBAR sounds weary but shipshape, steering between hopeful passion, lonely holiness and twister fist fights.

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Jealous Girlfriends - The Jealous Girlfriends

Jealous Girlfriends - The Jealous Girlfriends

Jealous Girlfriends

Album title: The Jealous Girlfriends
Record Label: Last Gang Records

Cool, new, competent and confident, TJG’s chic machine of impertinence and impermanence produces a marvelous meringue of hardened hearts and sad satisfactions. Packed among post-modern hooks and slick, calculated riffs, TJF’s hollowed choirs and demonic drizzle wallow in surreal ennui as shoe-gazing lullabies meet shimmering alt-rock and cocktail party taunts.

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Hercules And Love Affair - Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules And Love Affair - Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules And Love Affair

Album title: Hercules and Love Affair
Record Label: DFA/Mute

Relentless then spooky then retro-groovy, Hercules’ strength lies in funky disco bass swimming inside a programmers paradise of seamless loops. HALA’s old school mirror-ball nostalgia slices sleepy divas into polished percussion; engineering endless nights of throbbing dance floors as late seventies seductions skip several generations to turn up the heat.

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Adron - Adron

Adron - Adron


Album title: Adron
Record Label: New Street

Playfully enchanting as her double-tracked vocals roll around whimsical Brazilian guitar, Adron’s tropical bohemia is balm for the blistered soul. A refreshing recipe of fizzy logic and twinkling rhythms, Adron skips past cooing, cozy sips of girlish surrealism and slippery hippie happiness to conjure romantic café lives of porch swings, sandy beaches and sunny freedom.

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Final Thoughts

Lest we forget the almost candidates, please consider CROOKED STILL’s buzz-folk bonanza, “Still Crooked,” to the self-titled stretch of ROBERT POLLARD’s beautifully bandaged, Brit-rock raves, “Robert Pollard is Off to Business.” Finally, the not self-titled, but rather untitled, tap-dance driven, enlightened alt-pop assaults of TILLY AND THE WALL’s new disc - simply referred to by the shape of an oval.