Slipped Discs - February 2010

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Los Campesino

Los Campesino

Initial Thoughts

Bound by compromise, our dance through life contains a fair share of side steps. Not surprisingly, February’s winter’s grip holds pensive, bartering musical releases. While art-folk composer BASIA BULAT’s carousing, “Heart of My Own,” jive, indie-anarchists LOS CAMPENSINOS’ smarmy, “Romance is Boring,” and noble soul-rockers TINDERSTICKS’ Sisyphean, “Falling Down A Mountain,” suggest sullen survivors, the season’s bittersweet titles herald talented realists packing reasons to believe in a promising new year.

Disc Reviews

Go Find - Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight

Go Find - Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight

Go Find

Album title: Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Record Label: Morr Music

Acoustic accoutrements caress and undress TGF’s self-assured purrs of passive indulgence. Belgian’s poignant playboys radiate super-sleuth cool as ultra-polished gloss beguiles, gliding seamlessly through spotless bedroom pop. Calculator smart and compassionately savvy, “Not Tonight,” swims in measured leisure; warm, confiding synthesizers pressed and ready to pounce.

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The Go Find online:

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Lindstrom & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool

Lindstrom & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool

Lindstrom & Christabelle

Album title: Real Life Is No Cool
Record Label: Feedelity Recordings

Sequined sequences and programmed pandemonium yield funky disco struts, swooning grooves and intoxicating non-stop dance-pop. Nordic maestro Lindstrom’s machine-tooled moxie finds a soul-mate in Christabelle’s sensual vocals to make luxurious flirts slink, sweat and sashay. Flippy, trippy, club-dizzy fantasies, “Real Life,” turn relentlessly inventive dimensions into an audio odyssey.

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AM - Future Sons & Daughters

AM - Future Sons & Daughters


Album title: Future Sons & Daughters
Record Label: Filter U.S.

Cozy consolation from sweet-talking tunes, AM skips, dips and cozies up with revitalized nostalgia. Laid-back enlightenment straddling singer-songwriter folk, sunshine rock and blue-eyed soul circa early seventies, “Future,” fires up smoky, hip-swiveling riffs conjured from snappy brass, deep-fried bass, cantering congas and sly, knowing vocals stretching familiar formulas into tasty upbeat treats.

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AM online:

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Puerto Muerto - Drumming For Pistols

Puerto Muerto - Drumming For Pistols

Puerto Muerto

Album title: Drumming For Pistols
Record Label: Fire Records

Bruised serenades, galloping punk-rockabilly foxtrots and ragged border town blues lock and tumble into a circus of shadowy cadaver ballads and brooding, alt-rock burlesques. Brilliantly desolate, Puerto Muerto’s scratchy erratic cantina concertos concoct bombastic flaunts between moody, consuming regrets while, “Drumming,” furtively teases and wails; banshee-riddled stomps vamping alongside foreboding, late-night sympathies.

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Puerto Muerto online:

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Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

Local Natives

Album title: Gorilla Manor
Record Label: Frenchkiss Records

Beach Boys blessed, L.A.‘s Local Natives engage the ears in genuine rhythmic ingenuity - spirited hoedowns equally inviting, intriguing and entertaining, spiraling barbershop chops integrated into tightly-knitted drum circle blissfulness. A hook-filled ride smoothly somersaulting into playfully cosmic pop; uplifting enthusiasm bathes, “Gorilla,” in campfire choirs, irresistibly jubilant licks bobbing around cheerfully twisted lyrics.

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Local Natives online:

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Jatun - Blanket of Ash

Jatun - Blanket of Ash


Album title: Blanket of Ash
Record Label: Other Electricities

Mammoth swells and wordless vertigo, heavenly fades snap, crackle and pop in Jatun’s stellar noise fest. Aural spelunking, “Blanket,” buzzes with grizzled sizzle, hovering over bold, smoldering, char-broiled electronics, forging and foraging under plummeting cascades and seething dreams. Channeling ambience into unwavering space-rock intensity, Jatun’s saturated abstractions subtly morph into intricate, factory packages.

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Jatun online:

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Final Thoughts

Winter break ends and Southern Wisconsin’s live music starts up again. February hosts CRACKER unplugged, back to back nights of LOTUS, the farewell show of Madison’s smart aleck, art-punk rockers THE GERMAN ART STUDENTS and a rare appearance from Philly’s up and coming industrial groove-meisters COLD CAVE. Minneapolis’ incisive EYEDEA & ABILITIES and Norway’s cavalier SONDRE LERCHE pass this way as do outstanding singer-songwriters LAURA VEIRS and RICKIE LEE JONES.