Slipped Discs July 2010

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Big Head Todd and the Monsters come to Wausau Wisconsin Valley Fair

Big Head Todd and the Monsters come to Wausau Wisconsin Valley Fair

Initial Thoughts

Stand and be counted. Summer CDs from WAITIKI 7, the cocktail shaker, trail-blazer, hula grooves of, “New Sounds of Exotica”, skate-punk reggae-nauts, AUTHORITY ZERO’s, hyper-active fender-bender, “Stories of Survival,” electro-rockers EIGHTFOURSEVEN’s trance-inducing cruising, Lossless,” and Italian retro-soundtrack masters CALIBRO 35 and their soul-riddled, jazz-pop mash-up, ” Ritomano Quelli Di…” guide July to further discs whose Pythagorean titles cannot be discounted. Take the fifth, but add these next six CDs to your list of calculated beauties.

Disc Reviews

Joemca - Sixteen Devils

Joemca - Sixteen Devils


Album title: Sixteen Devils
Record Label: One Stone

Sweaty palm dramas arranged in reflective, Spector wall of sound lounge lizard living room confessions, singer-songwriter Joemca’s soul-baring, center stage persuasions convey earnest tourniquets to bleeding hearts and broken spirits, big issues reaping demons, incubating innuendos and remembering forgotten promises. Wrestling devils through heroic harmonies, Joemca negotiates complex confrontations into restlessly resolute pop-rock extravaganzas.

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Nils Frahm and Anne Mueller - 7fingers

Nils Frahm and Anne Mueller - 7fingers

Nils Frahm and Anne Mueller

Album title: 7fingers
Record Label: Hush

Patiently threading ghostly cello among surly chirps, slippery blips and peek-a-boo beats, studio guru Frahm’s effervescent collaboration suggests interstellar pinball coated in sublime intertwining technologies. Shifting indiscriminately, “7fingers,” skims and dips, soars and skips, amassing raspy atmospheres - engineered yet mysteriously romantic and beautifully alien, suspension bridges melting into a hypnotic fog.

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Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement

Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement

Lower Dens

Album title: Twin Hand Movement
Record Label: Gnomonsong

Clanging basement blues artfully dissolve in understated waves of corrosive compulsions, fevered dreams and ragdoll ballets. LD’s cooing stews of murky psychedelia paint lazy, strung-out lullabies whose ferocious persistence rocks, cradling dank heartaches, creeping bleached half-asleep doldrums. Navigating deliberately drowsy diplomacy, murky melodies ooze and entangle, “Twin,” in earth-shattering shadows and abrasive haze. Jana Hunter and friends play Madison’s Project Lodge August 17th

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Ratatat - LP4

Ratatat - LP4


Album title: LP4
Record Label: XL Recordings

Studio-lubricated moods cross-pollinating Debussy inside Bo Diddley, “LP4,” tickles traditions switching from zither-inflicted flamenco to twittering harpsichords roasted over jive Vocoder bass. Sinuous minuets and mod leapfrog mosaics spawn yawning automatons and computer-triggered funk, cyber-samba sandwiches stuffed into slack-key electro-calypso, neo-classical accents and Afro-pop Krautrock, swift twists and sinfully nimble patchwork quilts tethering history and culture.

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Wolf Parade - EXPO 86

Wolf Parade - EXPO 86

Wolf Parade

Album title: EXPO 86
Record Label: SubPop

Shell-shocked alt-rock plops muscular lyricism alongside grinning cynicism. Doomsday soothsayers, Wolf Parade’s rogue commandos hijack embattled ballads, tossing cryptic clues and brisk divisive philosophies into frightful new wave delusions chock full of curt, clench-jawed logic and iron-claw zombie obstinacy. “Expo,” unfolds exponentially, fostering spooky robo-boogie tainted with unresolved subterranean glories and smashing, mad-dash neuroses.

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Stars - The Five Ghosts

Stars - The Five Ghosts


Album title: The Five Ghosts
Record Label: Vagrant

Emotionally-charged spirits waver and disperse, evaporating into heavenly college-rock proclamations as Canada’s musical social archeologists limbo beneath society’s swinging underbelly. “Ghosts,” waltz while angelic chords and hip, sophisticated hooks bounce and rally against unburdened yearnings and tarnished afterlife regrets; tightly-wrapped cabaret squirm in the restrained desires of poignant synthesizers presiding over charmed, chamber-pop novels.

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Final Thoughts

Brave the crowds and hear bands bravely playing new material. Soul-rockers BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS bring the hip-swiveling, “Rocksteady,” to Wausau’s Wisconsin Valley Fair, petulant surf-punks FIGHT FAIR expose the feel-good frenzy, “California Kicks,” when Vans Warped Tour hits Milwaukee and relentlessly inventive electro-dance mix-masters DELOREAN stage their sizzling, sun-drenched, “Subiza,” at Chicago’s Pitchfork. Lastly, smug, bedroom pop-stars MINIATURE TIGERS present the sly, swooning, “Fortress,” at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.