Slipped Discs October 2012

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd



Initial Thoughts

Fall cooks up dozens of slow-boiled solos, roasted explosions and edible melodies. Sample the lean, wiry JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION’s tasty electric blues-boogie caked in ravenous guard-dog rock, “Meat and Bones,” before drinking FIREWATER’s intoxicating gypsy-rock, “International Orange!” Dig into Scottish soul-sister SANDI THOM’s nourishing country-blues ladled in gospel hospitality, “Flesh and Blood,” then down devilish MURDER BY DEATH’s whiskey jigs and embattled ballads, “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon.” Bon Appétit.

Disc Reviews

The Delta Routine - Cigarette and Caffeine Nightmares

The Delta Routine - Cigarette and Caffeine Nightmares

The Delta Routine

Album title: Cigarette and Caffeine Nightmares
Record Label: Self-release

Harsh, cathartic boogie marinated in loose, blues-rock grooves and swamp-water bop, “Nightmares,” pairs honky-tonk stomps from Roller Derby dervishes and slip and slide jive tied to unflagging swagger. Rambunctious punks fusing rockabilly belligerence to demanding evangelism Delta deals slap-dash splatter sporting ballistic grit, backwoods traction and raucous hep-cat side-steps.TDR hosts a CD release party Oct 11th in Milwaukee’s Hotel Foster

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Tamaryn - Tender New Signs

Tamaryn - Tender New Signs


Album title: Tender New Signs
Record Label: Mexican Summer

Swimming in glittering crinkle, prismatic clatter and narcotic jangle, Tamaryn’s astringent hints commences sensuous squalor luring metallic salads, warp speed nose-dives and mermaid mirages into sumptuous acid-baked spider webs. Buoyant blasts undulating in hypnotic implosions, “Tender,” surrenders, remembers and seduces, sparkling darkness unearthing cavernous shadows wrapped in cellophane waves, ghost noir strewn among galactic goth, dimensionless dementia and psychedelic salvation.

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PAWS - Cokefloat!

PAWS - Cokefloat!


Album title: Cokefloat!
Record Label: Fat Cat

Coaxing grown-up slogans from teen taunts exuberant Brits knit razor-sharp riffs to honest insolence and pop-rock props to deafening wit. Raw, authentic and anthemic, “Cokefloat!” promotes cheeky, squeaky wheels and precocious notions consumed in smarmy karma and outspoken devotions to broken hearts, hard truths and youthful folly. Guitar-powered panthers prowling alt-rock vaudeville, PAWS chops adolescent angst into voracious, contagious mini-operas

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Anne Heaton - Honeycomb

Anne Heaton - Honeycomb

Anne Heaton

Album title: Honeycomb
Record Label: Spill Records

Tactfully adapting Sufi verse, Catholic prayers and Coldplay, a harmonically rich singer-songwriter, Heaton squeezes playfully dainty pop topped in warm intimate folk; joyous voyages from a smart, sweet songbird. Dripping in graceful haste and melodic valentines, “Honeycomb,” springs, swims and sasses challenges, turning perceptive memories into luscious pillow-talk, hip sophisticated whimsy into Christmas wishes and heady editorial into cozy poetry.

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Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Album title: Cobra Juicy
Record Label: Rad Cult

Plastered in plastic and slathered in magic, “Cobra,” strikes glowing proto-disco poses, rubberized brain-wave foghorns riding tripped-out caramel carousels immersed in smeared weirdness, funky crunches and melted squelch.  Grinding auto-tuned teases dressed in oily foliage and rainbow grease. BMSR’s nano-bot pop knits chrome bones to marshmallow flesh doused in glitter, heaving beats lacquered in saccharine diving deep into lava-lamp lakes.

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Beth Orton - Sugaring Season

Beth Orton - Sugaring Season

Beth Orton

Album title: Sugaring Season
Record Label: ANTI

Longing melancholy filtered through jazz, folk, country and soul, Orton’s first effort in six years continues to create discrete meetings for introspective specters. Guiding silences sail through drizzly mysteries while personal mirth gallops over swooning orchestration, “Sugaring,” dances in brilliant twilight ruminations engaging nuanced acoustics; frail epics blossoming into brave, unfettered confessions. Beth lights up Milwaukee’s Turner Hall October 9th.

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Final Thoughts

Autumn conjures odd bedfellows, from new SWEATER GIRLS sugar-coated irony to reissued GOLDENBOY articulate pop. Pair alt-country roustabout, HOLLY GOLIGHTLY’s effervescent inspiration, “Sunday Run Me Over,” against folk-romantics DARK DARK DARK’s smoldering, “Who Needs Who,” or giddy REPTILE YOUTH’s self-titled pogo-pop beside somber AUTUMN OWLS’ tender, haunted, “Between Buildings, Towards the Sea.” Album titles also attract opposites. Boundless countess AMANDA PALMER’s boisterous burlesque salvaging savage cabaret, “Theater is Evil,” shadows soft-pop chamber-folkie KARLIE BRUCE’s hushed crushes, “Paperback Lover,” while introspective PATRICK WOLF’s tranquil, lively, “Riverlight and Sundark,” embrace double-disc dichotomies.